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The topic of this year’s M2M Summit is “Smart Connect – The Fascination of IoT” highlighting the benefits of today’s Machine to Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for businesses and end users. For the 9th Edition of this event, the M2M Alliance brings together key international speakers to present and discuss the latest developments in the fields of M2M, IoT and Industry 4.0.
The Summit takes place September 8 – 9 at the Congress Center Dusseldorf, Germany.

With internationally renowned experts including Eric Goodness (Gartner Inc.), Svetlana Grant (GSMA), and Jürgen Hase (Ooredoo Group), the M2M Alliance has secured a number of high profile top speakers who will present the latest trends and opportunities at the M2M Summit. Many subject areas such as intelligent energy management, consumer application and wearables, connected cars, data analytics, and many of the numerous aspects and advantages of M2M communication are addressed and analyzed. Sigmar Gabriel, the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany, supports this year‘s M2M Summit as a patron. Matthias Machnig, State Secretary of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Germany, will give a keynote on Industry 4.0 and the opportunities of digitalization.
“At the M2M Summit we want providers and end users to have the opportunity to have direct exchanges with each other,” chairman of the M2M Alliance Eric Schneider states. “Only through a direct exchange will companies be better positioned to understand what is already possible today and how to use these solutions for themselves. Manufacturers and developers will gain a better sense of what end users really need as well as how to manage these specific needs.”
In addition to the official program, the M2M Alliance offers guided tours to all interested parties in which it targets and presents the most interesting solutions and new developments.
On both days of the event, several thought-provoking panel discussions are held: the focus is on the EU – Market and Politics, Big Data, Utilities and M&A transactions in the M2M sector. For those interested, information sessions are also offered for participants who would like to learn about what is already possible today. Here, a look at the future of IoT and the benefits of M2M in Industry 4.0 is also explored. In addition, the evening event on September 8th provides an excellent opportunity for further exchanges.

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